Khartoum, Aug. 8 (SUNA) – The Director of the General Intelligence Service, Gen. Ahmed Ibrahim Mufaddal, has affirmed Sudan readiness to work and cooperate with all in full transparency in the field of combating terrorism at the bilateral or collective level to the greatest possible extent.

Addressing the inaugural sitting of the Workshop on the Role of Immunization and Intellectual Treatment in the Combat of Terrorism, organized by the General Intelligence Service in coordination with the African Security and Intelligence Services (CISSA) at Corinthia Hotel in Khartoum, Gen.  Mufaddal stressed that the comprehensive combat of the phenomenon of terrorism requires close cooperation in the field of information exchange in order to expose terrorist groups, their methods, means and operations, and to uproot their activity.

He said that the international terrorism has been for several years one of the most serious challenges facing the world, although not the most dangerous at all, and the danger of terrorism increases with the aggravation of the tragedies and the damages resulting from it, which are not limited to the loss of innocent lives and the damage to properties, but the matter goes beyond that to entities and countries and threatening their progress and stability.

He indicated that terrorism is not confined to certain countries rather than the others or a specific region without others, but rather strikes everywhere and uses all the possible weapons, benefiting greatly from scientific progress in the field of technology and communication.

Mufaddal pointed out that the fight against terrorism constituted a strategic goal and a fundamental issue for Sudan, therefore great roles have been played by Sudan in cooperation with the neighboring countries, the states in the region and the international community to eradicate this phenomenon.

He said that Sudan has succeeded in dismantling most of the active terrorist cells in the country thanks to the strenuous efforts that were made as a result of the monitoring and the preemptive strikes.

He also explained in his speech that Sudan has developed the experience of intellectual dialogue with extremists and the victims of terrorism, through the approach of intellectual treatment of extremists and their integration into society by means that respect human rights and dignity, in parallel to the security and legal measures that the experience proved that they are not effective alone in combating terrorism and extremism,

Gen. Mufaddal said that Sudan aims to establish a specialized center to carry out the intellectual immunization in Khartoum and to encourage scientific studies concerned with combating terrorism, adding that there will be a specialized department in the field of combating terrorism at the Academy of Strategic and Security Studies that will award higher academic degrees (higher diploma, MAS and PHD) and will allow brotherly and friendly countries to enroll their cadres in these programs to specialize in the field of combating terrorism and extremism.


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