Khartoum, Feb.28 (SUNA) Languages  one of the strongest tools to protect , guard human heritages and support spreading mother languages. As they are  not only encourage culture of language diversity but also promote awareness of linguistic and cultural traditions in all world ,in addition to create a guarantee based on understanding, tolerance, dialogue and spreading peace. 

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization “ UNESCO” organized a celebration of International Mother Language Day under slogan of " Original citizens languages are important for development, building peace and Tolerance. “Arabic language  is a creative language in its different forms and various styles  like verbal, written, Indigenous and  formal language  . besides its wonderful kinds of calligraphy, the prose and poetic arts  such as in Engineering, poetry, Philosophy and songs  UNESOC informed .

Arabic Language facilitate entering  in a world fully of diversity in large forms and images which come from different origins and beliefs. Fore that languages have strategic importance in human life because it is one of essential elements to reinforce the identity and tool for communication, social integration, education and development, UNESCO explained.

Announcement of celebration  International Mother Language Day via UNESCO for first time  in 17 Novm.1999 , came  for the  necessity  of language as factor of cultural and civilized distinction. UN adopted officially the celebration and created an international year of languages in 2008 to strengthen  Peace and protect languages diversity in all world.

Sudan one of the multilanguage countries, while there are more than (100) language supervised by Arabic language with Sudanese slang.  In Sudan constitution   (2005) adopted formal Arabic Language, English Language  and Northern Nubian Language  as official languages.

Addressing the celebration, state minister in the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Antiquities, Sumya Idrees asserted Sudanese pride with culture and Indigenous languages and the stat’s keenness to save and protect  them in frame of the best administrating to culture diversity  and peaceful co-existence. Besides she pointed to the National Dialogue ‘s out-put which specified great interest on unity in diversity and commit to go forwarder  in culture map project  to document and save cultural heritage in addition to project of digitization the Sudanese  cultural heritage to introduce it for world. Languages Council was established recent and promoted to include interesting with all heritage, state minister Somya said while  celebration came   within the scope of the project “Strengthening national capacities for safeguarding intangible cultural heritage (ICH) in Sudan” funded by the United Arab Emirates.

According to  UN, Original languages in world faces increasable threats because of globalization what may lead to losing sources  may provide better future for human kind. There is  about  less than , 43%  of current languages  about 7000 face danger of extinction.  As languages that have importance in education system are not more than few hundreds , while what use in internet system not more than 100 language.

For that, one language disappear every two week  accompanied with it comprehensive intellectual and cultural  heritage and  result more danger for languages diversity  via  losing more of languages. In addition multe  -cultures and languages societies live through its languages which sustainably transfer and  protect its knowledge, traditional cultures from various difficulties



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