Halfa, March 21 (SUNA)-The Wali ( governor) of Northern State, Maj. Gen.l (security) Mohamed Adam Al-Negay, has pledged address the issues and challenges facing Ashkait border crossing in coordination and cooperation with relevant federal institutions.

He also affirmed necessity to  impose  the prestige of the State, provide basic services, simplify and facilitate cargo and passengers movement at the crossing, besides improvement of  the internal environment.

The Wali stressed ,during a visit to the Ashkait crossing in Halfa locality Wednesday,the  importanace of provision of work support, affirming the full commitment to the protocols signed with the Egyptian side.

He also affirmed the need to provide electronic gates and electronic survey to check passengers who are departing from Sudan to Egypt and vice versa, as well as the goodsat  crossing borders.

 Maj. Gen. Al-Negay pointed out that a meeting will be held in the coming days with the  higher committee on the border Crossings to find effective solutions to the problems facing the crossings.

Maj. Gen. (Rtd.) (security), Al-Hadi Al-Jak, theManager of Askhait border crossing underlined the increase of economic and commercial t movement,  pointing out  that the crossing needs more support to provide  the required services to citizens who are leaving to Egypt and to contribute to the national economy.

He said the crossing revenues are estimated around 15 - 20 million pounds per day, and that the number of trucks crossing range between 50 to 80 trucks per day, besides a large number of citizens who travel from Sudan  to Egypt.


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