Khartoum, July 2 (SUNA) – The spokesman of the Rapid Support Forces, Brig. Jamal Gumaa, has announced martyrdom of a soldier belonging to the Rapid Support Forces in the incidents of July 30, indicating that 29 of his forces’ men were injured in the incidents.

At a press conference he held Tuesday in his office, Brig. Gumaa said that the Legal Administration of the Rapid Support Forces has leveled 39 informations against 35 persons who personated men of the Rapid Support Forces, terrorized citizens, and looted their properties, indicating that courts have ruled in 16 of these cases.

He said that court sitting are continuing at Khartoum North Court in the case of the person who personated the commander of the Rapid Support Forces.

He announced that the inquiry has reached advanced stages with the killer of the Rapid Support Forces’ soldier, adding that the result will appear in the coming days.

 Brig. Gumaa affirmed that the Rapid Support Forces is affiliated to the Ground Forces Administration of the Armed Forces, indicating that the military uniform worn by these forces is manufactured by official circles, warning of any violation in this regard.

He affirmed importance of the presence of the Rapid Support Forces in the National Capital to back up the Armed Forces and the other regular forces.


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