Kassala, Mar.1(SUNA)-Minister of Religious Affairs and Endowments said that the  government with its all components  would work  during the transitional period  to meet  the requirements of he revolution  by achieving peace , ending war , heightening principle of respect of diversity  and difference as well as  peace co-existence among all Sudanese  communities and components  by organizing  workshops,  symposiums  and lectures in this connection.

  The Minister, who arrived in Kassala State Sunday as part of ministerial delegation within framework of visit of the Prime Minister  to the State scheduled Monday ,  said in  press statements that the Prime Minister  will attend reconciliation  between  bani amer and nuba tribes , which , he said, would  major reconciliatory event  in the transitional period.

 He stated that mosque imams, youth, students, priests and bishops  are to shoulder responsibility of  implementation of social peace project among the Sudanese society.

 The Minister noted that high tone of hate speech during the past period was one of the reasons  that let us to be  enlisted as a state sponsor  of terrorism.

 Mufarah disclosed that Ministry of Religious Affairs has been working for the past five months in qualifying imams, preachers and bishops to carry out their roles through interaction with the society  to build  the social peace through raising awareness, remembering  people sanctity of bvlood and to live in peace.

 He added  the Minister  the Ministry works to apply message of moderation  and how people  can live in peace and good neighborliness , which, he affirmed, are principles of  the divine religions.


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