Khartoum, March 9 (SUNA) – The Veteran Journalist Mahjoub Mohamed Saleh has attributed the decline of the English press to the absence of large foreign communities in Sudan and the deterioration of the English language after the Arabization of curricula, which in the English language.

The veteran journalist explained, in a statement to SUNA, that the press in the English language depends on the presence of the people reading these newspapers, revealing that the English press was active during the era of the British occupation of Sudan because of the presence of English rulers and different nationalities such as the Germans, levantines and other nationalities; which required the existence of newspapers in a language other than Arabic.

Mahjoub explained that the first newspaper published in the year 1911, followed by another in 1913, followed by the Sudan edition (Notes and Report), which was published 4 times a year. In 1940, during the World War, Notes and Record newspaper was issued during the presence of African and non-Arabic soldiers because they demanded the issuance of English newspapers.

The Sudan Star newspaper was published in 1940 and continued to 1954. It was daily publishing news on war. In 1970s until nationalization. Mahjoub pointed out that after the confiscation of companies and the cancellation of their presence, the conditions were not favorable and for these reasons, the government issued the Sudan Vision newspaper, adding that after the secession of the south, the South Sudan started publishing its English newspapers as the English is the official language in the state. They published Khartoum Vision in Juba as well as the Kampala newspaper. 


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