Khartoum, April.20 (SUNA) - Prime Minister Dr. Abdullah Hamdouk praised the farmers, the administration, and workers of Al- Gazera Scheme, for their efforts in making the wheat‘s season successful, pointing to taking steps to overcome the obstacles that delay some farmers from handing the wheat crop to the Agricultural Bank.

The press advisor in the Prime Minister’s Office, Fayez Al- Sheikh Al-Selaik, noted that he briefed the PM on the progress of wheat harvesting operations in Al-Gazera Scheme, and the great success of wheat production this year, following the advisor’s visit to the scheme accompanied by a number of media professionals on last Thursday and Friday.

Al- Selaik affirmed in a press statement today that the percentage of cultivated areas of wheat in Al- Gazera scheme rose to 80% for the winter season.

He pointed to the PM’s regret not to be able to visit the scheme due to the health conditions and the corona pandemic measures in the country, indicating that the government decided to take appropriate measures to hand over what was produced of wheat, noting that the emergency committee of the Agricultural Bank will begin  tomorrow to finalize reception of the quantities produced this season, and to commit to pay 3500 pounds for the sack of wheat, and to reduce transportation costs and to immediately pay the financial dues to the farmers.

He indicated that the government has provided fuel for the transportation of wheat from the farms to the collection sites identified by the Agricultural Bank.

He asserted that  wheat delivery period to the agricultural bank is expected to end at the beginning of next May, stressing that the production is promising and ranges between 15 to 35 sacks per fedan, in an area of ​​423,000 fedan, where 350,000 fedans were harvested.


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