Khartoum, May 19 (SUNA) - The Sudanese Communist Party asserted the importance of the unity of the revolution forces in a broad front to protect the victorious revolution, and to support the unity of the citizens, their mobilization, and organization to effectively participate in striking and the resolution of the sites of the counter-revolution.

The spokesman of the Sudanese Communist Party, Fathi Al-Fadil, noted in a press statement following the meeting of the party’s Political Bureau, that the Bureau reviewed the developments of the political situation and some organizational issues, including the preparation for the next meeting of the party’s Central Committee.

He said that the meeting pointed out that the revolutionary forces enters a new turn in the defense and the completion of the December revolution goals. Pointing to the conflict with the forces of apostasy, the remnants of the past regime and its militias that supported by global and regional parties with the intention of stopping the revolutionary march , and the  imposing of a soft landing project.

Fathi noted that the meeting has stressed on continuation of the national and democratic forces inside and outside the Forces of Freedom and Change with the organized masses in their pursuit for more gains by the implementation of the agreed on program in the declaration of the FFC and the other signed agreements.

He said that the meeting discussed the decision of the leadership of the Umma Party to freeze its activities with the intention to exit from the broad front by claims about structuring and proposing a different program, and the intention to establish a new lineup to replace FFC, an invitation that was tried before and proofed its failure.

He said that the meeting of the Political Bureau has reviewed the current challenges of the living hardships, the implementation of the emergency economic program of the FFC, the achievement of a just and comprehensive peace, expanding the democratic framework, and the completion of the structure of the civil authority.

The Spokesman added that the meeting discussed the issue of the of the military component and some civilians in the Sovereign Council continuing to take place of the civil government and interfere in its responsibilities specified by the constitutional document.

He said that the meeting of the Political Bureau called for the importance of more unity for the struggle within the framework of the FFC and the professionals association and to open way for the revolution forces to take its natural place in the common public activity and the decision-making and implementation organs.


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