Nairobi July,2 (allAfricanews)- Launched in 2014, Natiira self help group is based in Turkana, more than 500km from Nairobi, Kenya's capital. Natiira Ateni is a Turkana phrase which means  "a place of many acacia trees". As the name suggests, the area is semi-arid with an alluvial sand and clay soil terrain.

Turkana neighbours Ethiopia and Sudan to the north and Uganda to the west. Turkana is most well known as the cradle of mankind  and for Lake Turkana, the largest desert lake in the world. Turkana has also been infamous for hunger and starvation of its people due to the long periods of drought and the dangerous cattle rustling practices between pastoralist communities in neighbouring counties and countries.

According to Deo Gumba, ENACT Regional Organised Crime Observatory Coordinator for East Africa:  "Traditionally, cattle rustling has been a practice predominantly practised by pastoral and nomadic communities in East Africa  for two main purposes. As a way of restocking after a severe drought or disease that killed their livestock and the second was to enable suitors (young warriors) to acquire cattle to pay the bride price required in order to marry. It is now being practised for commercial reasons and through criminal networks that cross communal and international borders, rendering cattle rustling a transnational (criminal) act."

أخبار ذات صلة