Khartoum, Sept. 13 (SUNA) - The Judiciary issued a criminal circular regarding protection of witnesses, plaintiffs and complainants.

The circular, which carried the signature of Chief Justice Hon. Nemat Abdallah, stipulated that the courts take precautionary measures to provide the necessary protection for witnesses, plaintiffs and complainants besides experts who testify, provided that the protection according to the circular shall include their relatives and all other persons related to them.

Meanwhile, the Coordination Committee of the Resistance Committees of Khartoum East neighborhoods welcomed the move by the Judiciary.

The Coordination Committee said in a statement that a judicial circular was issued by the Chief Justice, Hon. Nemat Abdallah, stipulating protection of witnesses in all criminal cases related to the Glorious December Revolution, after she had received a memorandum by a number of resistance committees in Khartoum State urging issuance of the circular.

The committee has added that the Resistance Committees reaffirm their adherence to the revolution’s principles of freedom, peace and justice.


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