Khartoum, Nov.29 (SUNA) – The Chairman of the Steering Central Committee of the Sudanese Red Crescent Society, Al-Fadel Amir has pointed out that the society contributed to the national efforts aimed at combating the COVID-19 and the folds and rainfall emergencies.

Amir speaking at the regular forum of the Sudan News Agency, on Sunday, has reviewed the SRCS’s activities and achievements in some fields during the past six months.

“The major achievement of the committee was the restoration of the confidence of the local, regional and international communities, besides, finalizing the formulation of the SRCS draft bill for 2020 and handing it over to the cabinet to submit it to the concerned circle prior to its endorsement” Amir  said.

He underlined that the society took a number of legal and administrative procedures to re-structure in the center and the branched, revealing that al the Councils of Trustees in the stats were dissolved  and steering committees were set up to supervise the membership and revise the volunteers Handbook.

Amir underlined the challenges facing the SRCS represented in the COVID-19 Second wave, lack of the financial resources and technical capabilities.


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