Khartoum, Dec. 7 (SUNA) - The Minister of Cabinet Affairs, Ambassador Omer Manis, has lauded the professional and national roles being assumed by the health and medical cadres in the East Nile Locality in particular and the country in general.

Manis said after he has been discharged from East Nile Hospital, where he had been receiving health care after he had been infected with COVID-19 that the hospital continued to receive patients and provide services, thanks to the commitment of the workers in the health sector, a matter that strengthens confidence in the sector’s ability to face the second wave of coronavirus pandemic in the country.

 Manis stated that “our health and medical cadres are our first line of defense. This is proved by the martyrs they have presented during the last period. Those who gave their souls to ensure that health care services reach Sudanese in the countryside and urban areas.”

The minister stressed that the priority of the Council of Ministers is to work hard to solve the problems facing the health and medical cadres and provide the resources and facilities needed by the sector, despite the economic challenges the country is going through.



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