Khartoum, Dec.9 (SUNA)  -  The Ministry of Foreign Affairs , in cooperation with the Ministries of Irrigation and Water Resource and Culture and Information organized, Wednesday a press briefing to the Ambassadors of EU and South and North America on the latest developments on the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam Negotiations and Sudan’s position in this connection.

The briefing was presented by the Undersecretary of Foreign Ministry, ambassador, Mohammed Sherief Abdulla, Chairman of the Technical Body of the Irrigation Ministry, Dr. Salih Hamad and the Legal Advisor of the Negotiation Team, Hisham Abdu Kahen

Ambassador, Abdulla briefed the diplomats on Sudan’s position towards the dam, stressing that the negotiation is the sole way to solve the problems among the three countries.

He affirmed Sudan’s commitment and respect to the AU Mediation.

Meanwhile, Dr. Saleh Hamad  and Husham Abdu  presented detailed report for the technical and legal sides concerning the Ethiopian Dam.


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