Khartoum, Dec.30 (SUNA)  - The US abc TV channel aired, last week a report on the nomination of a Sudanese movie, for the first time in the history of the Sudanese cinema. to OSCAR.

 The report has pointed out that two years after the downfall  of the defunct regime of  Omar al-Bashir, Sudan is taking steps to rejoin the international community from which it was long deprived. Including its film industry.

For the first time in its history, Sudan has submitted for the Academy Awards. For the movie” You Will Die in Twenty” Produced by a consortium of European and Egyptian companies but with a Sudanese director and cast,

The movie, based on a short story by Sudanese novelist Hammour Ziyada tells story of a young man whose death at the age of 20 is predicted not long after his birth, shedding light over his formative years, and the burdens on a generation of Sudan’s young people.

“ It was an adventure there were protests in the streets that turned into revolution in the beginning of the cast” Film maker, Amjad Abu-Alela told Associated Press.

Sudan’s upheaval broke out in late 2018, and as the number of people in the streets increased, many of them young, the military stepped in and toppled the Islamist president. Since then, the country has embarked on a fragile transition to democracy, ending years of theocratic rule that limited artists’ freedoms.


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