Al-Genaina, Jan.17(SUNA)-The Doctors Union in West Darfur State has affirmed  in a statement issued Sunday that  the death toll of  the militia assault against Al- Genaina city, capital of the State,  yesterday (Saturday, has risen to 48.

It added that the bloody incident which , started  since Saturday morning, left  48 dead  and 97 injured  according  the Union’s preliminary counting.

The statement said the medical cadre have been exerting great efforts  to provide  healthcare for  the injured  amid difficulty  of movement  and  shortage of  medical  and health cadres.

The Union  made urgent call for securing the health facilities  along with  providing means of transport escorted  by regular forces   for helping paramedics of  the public and private health institutions reach  to  the injured who  stranded at area  of  engagement  along with providing the hospitals  with  medical supplies.

The Union urged its members to be ready for coming to their  workplaces whenever a safe means of trans[port are provided, saying “ this  is  the sacred duty  that we  are  committed  to carry out.”


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