Khartoum, Jan. 27 (SUNA) - The Ministry of Culture and Information Wednesday issued a statement clarifying the facts on what was raised in the media about prevention of journalists to travel to the states of Darfur.

 In its statement, the ministry affirmed that the restrictions on the movement of journalists were canceled for all regions of Sudan since the current government assumed power, and that the External Information Administration carried out the work of issuing the necessary permits and facilities and solving the difficulties that face journalists in sometimes.

The ministry stated that those who are concerned with requesting permits from the External Information Administration are the foreign journalists and correspondents of the foreign news agencies, newspapers, radio and television stations, stressing that no Sudanese journalist working for a Sudanese media institution was denied permit to travel anywhere inside and outside Sudan.

The statement indicated that the body concerned with issuing travel permits is the External Information Administration and not any other organ, but coordination with the Military Intelligence began after developments in the Fashaqa area and the difficulties in moving in the area that faced a number of journalists, a matter which prompted the Ministry to ask the intelligence to issue a letter to facilitate the movement of journalists in area.

The ministry affirmed in its statement that no journalist was prevented from traveling to Darfur, but the directive was related to the foreign journalists and media institutions who applied to travel to Genaina and were notified on the current developments in the area, adding that this was taken upon the discretion of the local authorities in the state.

 The statement explained that the Ministry of Culture and Information is in charge of coordinating with the security and military authorities to ensure the safety of journalists, and deals directly with the journalists in this issue, adding that the ministry has informed the concerned journalists to hand them today permits to travel to all areas of Darfur, including Genaina city.


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