Khartoum, Feb. 1 (SUNA) - The Central Committee of the Communist Party has called for the resignation of the government, with its both military and civilian sectors, and amendment of the constitutional document.

At a press conference at the party’s headquarters in Khartoum Monday, Dr. Sidqi Kabbalo, said that the Communist Party, along with its allied in the Freedom and Change Forces and the revolution supporters, will work to overthrow the government.

He said that the Communist Party has continued to negotiate with the government through an economic committee on all the pressing economic issues, but it did not succeed to reaching points of convergence with the government due to the fact that, those whom he described as coming from jobs previously held in international organizations, remained confined to the policies of these organizations, mainly the International Monetary Fund. Professor Ahmed Hamid, member of the Economic Committee of the Communist Party also spoke during the press conference

A statement distributed by the party at the press conference on the general budget for the year 2021, the Communist Party stated that the general budget aims to implement policies that were agreed upon with the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

The statement explained that the increase of fuel and electricity prices has contributed to the rise in the inflation rate, adding that the general budget has neglected in its estimations the inflation rate, a matter that led to financial estimations that do not into consideration the increase in the cost of services.

The statement added that the budget is still dependent on taxes, indicating it is estimated that taxes will increase as a whole by 60%, while taxes on income, profits and capital constitute 8.6%, while taxes on goods and services constitute 71.5%, which means that the tax burden falls on the citizens.


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