Al-Geneina 9-2-2021 (SUNA) – The member of the Transitional Sovereign Council, Mohammed al-Faki Suleiman, indicated that the country has completely turned over the page of war after the signing of the Juba Agreement for Sudan's Peace, affirming the state's commitment to dialogue with the movements that have not yet joined the peace process.

During his address today, at El-Geneina to the Peace Shield Forces, al-Faki has commended the efforts of the armed forces, rapid support and police in maintaining security and stability in the state of West Darfur, pointing to their great contributions in containing the incidents of El-Geneina, stressing the need to turn over the page of war and the devotion for production, adding that complete peace will only be done with solidarity and.

He pointed to the countries huge and various resources, indicating the importance of attention to conspiracies plotted against the security and stability of Sudan.

The member of the TSC has asserted the state’s responsibility to protect civilians and provide an appropriate environment and security for the displaced to return to their areas and villages, pointing to a force will be formed from the army, rapid support, armed struggle and the police to protect civilians, lauding efforts of the Peace Shield Forces in providing security and stability in the state of W.Darfur.

The member of the federal delegation, commander of the Second Rapid Support Forces, Lieutenant General Abd al-Rahim Dagalo, pointed to the great challenge the country  is facing following the fall of the former regime and the achievement of change, which is how to preserve the glorious December revolution and protect it until it achieves its goals and objectives of democratic transition, commending the  efforts of the armed forces and other regular forces in maintaining security and stability, calling for the necessity to end the security breakdowns, the strengthening  of tribal reconciliations, and securing borders.

Dagalo pointing to the joining of the armed struggle movements and its integration into the security process, in implementation of the security arrangements agreement signed between the government and the parties to the peace process in Juba.

He expressed his hope that the formation of the new government would be a good opening for the Sudanese people, stressing the need to provide it with support to fulfill its responsibilities in providing services to citizens.

Dagalo has appreciated efforts of the Rapid Support Forces in maintaining security, securing borders, combating smuggling and illegal migration, and securing the agricultural season in Darfur states of.


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