Khartoum, Feb. 20 (SUNA) – The Minister of Federal Government, Buthaina Ibrahim Dinar, Saturday held a plenary meeting at the ministry’s Conference Hall, which included the Undersecretary and the directors of administrations at the ministry.

During the meeting, she reviewed the ministry's plan for the year 2021 and her vision for implementing the Juba peace agreement and the supervision of the commissions, as approved by the constitutional document and the Juba peace agreement.

The meeting discussed methods of monitoring basic commodities in the states, providing accurate information and analysis in a way that would help remove living hardship and presenting proposals to help the flow and distribution of basic commodities in the states.

The minister gave a directive that the ministry’s plan shall be consistent with the axes of the comprehensive program and the priorities of the transitional government in the fields of the economy, peace, security, justice, democratic transition and institutional reform of state’s organs.

On his part, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Federal Government, Dr. Hassan Nasralla, underscored the important role of the commissions in boosting the peace process and providing the necessary services for the areas affected by disputes and war.

 He said that the Federal Government Ministry is the authority responsible for implementing the conferences stipulated in the peace agreement, such as the conference on governance issues, the national capital and East Sudan, indicating that these conferences will resolve many basic issues that are complementary to the implementation of the Juba peace agreement.


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