Khartoum, Feb. 20 (SUNA) – Member of the Transitional Sovereignty Council and representative of the President of the Transitional Sovereignty Council for the athletes campaign for support to the Armed Forces Gen. Yasser Al-Atta, has lauded the sacrifices of the December Revolution’s martyrs for achieving change in the country under the motto of “ freedom, peace and justice”.

Addressing a  celebration to mark launching of the campaign, Gen. Al-Atta praised the stand of the athletes and all sectors of the people in support of the Armed Forces to enable the army carry out its sacred duty in protecting the land, securing the eastern border, boosting the peace process and stability and keeping security all over the country.

He pointed out that the Revolution has now become strong, despite the obstacles and challenges and can defend itself, indicating that the transitional government bodies, in coordination with the Armed Forces and other regular forces, will work to realize the people's aspiration for transformation, peaceful democratic transition and building a modern civil state.

The member of the Transitional Sovereignty Council said that “We are not hostiles, invaders, or advocates of war, but we have fulfilled our duty to extend our control over all our lands on the eastern borders.

He provided a detailed briefing on the facts that affirm Sudan's ownership of its lands on the eastern border since the year 1902 and with the recognition of Ethiopia, the regional and international community and the United Nations, stressing that the Armed Forces will not abandon any inch of the homeland.

On his part, the Deputy Chief of Staff, Gen. Munawar Osman Nugod, has appreciates the generous athletes’ support to the Armed Forces, stressing that the firm stand and solidarity of the people with the Armed Forces will help it carrying out its duty on defending the homeland.

The member of the Sudanese General Football Association and chief of the athletes’ support campaign, Hassan Bargo, announced that the contributions to the campaign have reached 45 million pounds, 25 million of which are in cash and the other 20 million will be in the form of convoys to support the Armed Forces.


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