Medani, Feb.21 (SUNA) - Gezira State Government has condemned today in statement signed by Wali (governor) of the state Dr. Abdulla Idris Al-kenan the assault that targeted the Head of Christian Union in the state Usama Saeed.  

The statement highlighted   that the government of the state follows with grave concern what was happened to Saeed who was forced being led on Friday last week by outlaws to unknown place where he was exposed to physical harms.  

The government of the state according  to  the statement  that  it  condemned this attitude and announced its full solidarity with all social components in the state without any ethical or religious discrimination.

It affirmed the strong support of Gezira Government to the recent amendment of laws made by the Ministry of Justice stipulated for more equality between all religions.

The statement said the actors targeted aborting social fabric and the strong relations among the various social components in the state.

Meanwhile the statement directed the security apparatuses to deal firmly with this incident.  


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