Medani, Feb.22(SUNA)-Gezira State Wali (governor ) Dr. Abdullah Idris Al-Kenan  addressed today, in Medani the opening session of capacity building workshop targeted employees of Humanitarian Aid Commissions  besides  national and governmental organizations.

The workshop was organized  by UN organization for Coordinating Humanitarian Aid (OCHA) in collaboration with civil alliance forces and partners.  

Dr. Al-Kenan announced that a program is adopted, for changing attitude as regard of facing crises and disasters through setting up early plans to preserve souls and properties.

Director of OCHA office in Sudan explained that the workshop aimed at promoting national ability for responding to emergence and disasters.

The OCHA director added that the workshop targets all states, pointing to the importance of coordination between the Government , civil society organizations at local and international level to maintain effective response to disasters.        


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