Khartoum, Feb.24 (SUNA) - Prime Minister Dr. Abdullah Hamduk said that the Family Support Program (FSP) is considered an economic and developing program.

 He explained that the program is working to improve standard of living condition and shifting the Sudanese economy from consumable to productive economic system based on human recourses as main factor of development.

This came when Dr. Hamduk addressed today the inaugural ceremony of FSP at Jebel Awlya locality southward of Khartoum.

He said the program is an ambitious of its kind and it would continue to include all Sudanese states gradually.

The Prime Minister added that the government is seeking real change in relation between the state and the people. 

He explained that new basis would be set to rebuild confidence between the state and the people through establishing effective polices and institutions to achieve the aspiration of the people.

 Hamdouk pointed to the importance of working for sake of implementing vital projects aimed at building new state to replace the former institutions established during the defunct regime which were depending on tax levy, creation of war and marginalization.

He stressed that the program aimed at implementing the revolution slogans “Freedom Peace and Justice.”

 He explained that FSP is timely implemented at crossing point of democracy transition and implementation of peace to replace the former totalitarian regime.




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