Khartoum, March 1(SUNA)-The member of Committee on Dismantling of  the  June 30, 1989 Regime and Restoration of Embezzled  Public Money, Wagdi Saleh,  revealed that the defunct regime has formed alliances with some institutions outside Sudan, and has received groups associated with it ideologically and economically .

Wagdi said in a press conference held Sunday evening at the Committee's headquarters at premises  of  the Legislative Council, that the defunct regime facilitated money laundering and terrorist financing operations through Sudan, for those groups.

Saleh added that the defunct regime has gave up some of the successful state institutions in favor of these institutions and provided facilities for them to double these funds, which contributed to sabotaging of the national economy.

He said "We followed that money by tracking and monitoring the movement of funds and the movement of accounts " indicating that the committee concluded that the commonalities  between all these institutions is money laundering and terrorist financing.


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