Khartoum, Mar. 7 (SUNA) - Prime Minister Dr. Abdullah Hamdouk noted on his Facebook page today: "Today I visited our people in the state of Al-Gazera to inaugurate the winter harvest season and in mind the greatness of al- Gazera Scheme, which extends over an area of ​​more than 2 million acres, and includes about 130 thousand farmers, benefiting more than 3 million citizens, including farmers, employees and agricultural workers.

Hamdok pointed out that the extent of the systemic destruction and neglection  that the defunct regime inflicted on the scheme represents the largest attack on it since 1925, as it handcuffed it by seeking to sell it in non-public auctions and looting its property and infrastructure, such as railways, ginns, and others, leading to the defective 2005 law.

He indicated that addressing the issues of democratic transition and national project issues, which are among the priorities of the Government of Sudan, passes through the establishment of the structural transformation of the Sudan’s economy, and that this is based on the linkage between agriculture and the transformative industry and added value chains in a macroeconomic framework that encourages an increased productivity and supports  the internal and external competition.

He added that there is no renaissance for any country without a developed industry, pointing to the inherited colonialism economic model that continues to this day in the export of raw materials and livestock which must stop.


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