Khartoum, March.30 (SUNA) – Minister of Health, Dr. Omar Al-Najeeb has outlined that the defunct regime caused untold destruction in health sector.

The minister underlined, in SUNA regular Forum, Tuesday, that the ministry of health suffers a fundamental defect that prevented it from performing its role, referring to the damage inflicted on Khartoum Teaching Hospital.

 “The cabinet endorsed today an integrated vision for the rehabilitation of the Health Ministry sectors based on scientific basis including the comprehensive health concepts” the minister said.

On the situation of the COVID-19, in the country, Dr. Al-Najeeb disclosed that the pandemic will continue for years and its confrontation requested rolling out of jabs, awareness, wearing of masks and the social distances, adding that the Copax initiative presented by the World Health Organization which includes 92 countries will provide Sudan with 8 million and 400 vaccine doses during the next three months.

He ruled out imposition of shutting down schools, referring to the Minister of Education's warning at the Cabinet meeting today, that one-week lockdown means suspension of the entire academic year.


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