Atbara, Apr. 2 (SUNA) – The Governor of the Nile River state, Dr. Amana al-Makki, issued a decree today, banning racial and tribal discrimination that leads to strife and insecurity in the state.

The temporary decree for the  " Prohibition and Combating Racial and Tribal Discrimination in the Nile River State for the year 2021", which was signed by the Governor of the Nile River, stipulates the prohibition and combating the racial and tribal discrimination in the River Nile State.

According to the decree, it is prohibited for any person to commit any act that leads to racial discrimination, incitement to violence, or broadcast a spirit of hatred or racism, or racial discrimination by any means.


The decree has also prohibited the formation of a group, organization or association on the basis of race, or call for discrimination and racial discrimination that leads to strife and insecurity.

The decree has criminalized the supporting and financing of activities that call for racial discrimination, in addition to criminalizing anyone who resists the competent authorities or refuses to obey the orders and directives issued by them.

The decree stipulated penalties on every person who violates the provisions of the issued law by committing an act, incitement, aiding, or transporting, with imprisonment for a period not exceeding six months or a fine that does not exceed one hundred thousand pounds, or both penalties together in case of repeated violation.


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