Khartoum, April.6 (SUNA) – The talks on the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam wound up in Kinshasa, capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo without making any progress due to obstinate stance of the Ethiopian side.

The Sudanese negotiating team on the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam said in a press statement that Ethiopia had persistently rejected all options presented by Sudan to grant a role to the international partners represented in UN, AU, EU and the United States of America to facilitate the negotiations and mediate between the three parties.

The statement added that Ethiopia had insisted to pursue the same old methodology of the negotiations that had been adopted since June, 2020 in vain.

  Sudan stressed during the talks, the danger posed by unilateral measures, especially after the first experience of filling the dam, last June that inflicted great harms on Sudan including shortage in irrigation and drinking even in Khartoum when Ethiopia held 3.5 billion cubic meters of water in only one-week time where as13.5 billion cubic meters is expected to be stored, this year according to plans declared by Ethiopia.

Sudan stressed that this poses a real threat that cannot be accepted.

The statement pointed out that this Ethiopian obstinacy obliges Sudan to reconsider all possible options for protracting its security and citizens in accordance with the international law.


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