Khartoum, April 8 (SUNA)- The popular leaderships at Abyei area in West Kordofan State have called for removal of international forces that are represented in the Ethiopian troops from Abyei area as they are no longer keeping security there and have become an element for instability and insecurity.

Secretary General of West Kordofan Development Alliance Abdel-Hameed Moneim Mansour said at SUNA Press Forum today that forces of the People’s Army of South Sudan had attacked Abyei area on April 2, killing seven persons and looting thousands of cattle.

Mansour called on the transitional government to move to protect the citizens of Abyei and their properties, voicing their support to the decision of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, calling for removal of the international forces from Abyei area.

He said they are committed to self-restraint and avoiding escalation despite their suffering to realize stability and supporting the peace process. 


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