Khartoum, April 8 (SUNA) - At a time when the death toll rose to (132) and the number of wounded to (208) on the fifth day of the incidents in Geneina town, capital of West Darfur State, the Wali (governor) of the state, Mohamed Abdallah Al-Douma,  revealed continuation of looting in the peripheral neighborhoods of the city.

Al-Douma, speaking at SUNA Press Forum today, said there is no shooting now in the town, and there is an absence of electricity and water services and a shortage of food and bread.

Al-Douma explained that although there are deliberate plans for disarmament and protecting civilians by the federal government, but these plans are not put into effect fully despite activation of the state of emergency in the state.

The Wali of West Darfur State affirmed that the state forces made a great effort, but they need support, accusing the defunct regime of having weakened the armed forces and police.

Al-Duma emphasized that what is required now in West Darfur is to impose the rule of law, through collecting weapons, which must be done soon, and that the federal government must assume its responsibilities towards the protection of civilians.

He said that the state’s problems will not be solved without the intervention of the center and with the participation of all components of the people of the state through a conference that excludes no one.

On the outbreak of the incidents, Al-Duma said that two persons were killed by unruly elements on the third of this month and who once again opened fire on participants in the funeral of the dead, and instead of opening reports to the police, clashes continued by parties that benefit from these militias.

He added that these militias came from Chad to Darfur to destabilize security and for looting purposes.


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