Rokoro , Central Darfur State, Apr.22(SUNA)-Wali(governor) of the Central Darfur State , Dr Adeeb Abdul Rahman Yousif, has  urged the federal government , humanitarian  organizations  and UN agencies to provide support to people of North Jebel Marra Locality.

 Dr Adeeb said  during his first visit  to North Jebel Marra Locality that  his government is keen to  provide services , drinking water  and expanding the health coverage and basic services , noting that the (Torra Jamei) is one of the important areas  for it represents a historical site in which  many of ancient  Darfur  Sultans(kings) had  been buried, calling  on the National Corporation for Antiquities and Museums  to visit the area  and to  include the site as part of museums and  antiquities.

The Wali listened  to  complaints  of the people of the locality which represented  in pavement  of  road, provision of drinking water , health and educational services , telecommunication , empowerment of youth and women and peace promotion programs.

He said the North Jebel Marra Locality was one  of the most affected localities by the conflicts the Darfur region witnessed  during the past two decades  and that makes it deserve special treatment  and  positive discrimination  that  would contribute to promotion of peace.    

It is to be mentioned that the Visit of Wali  to  the North Jebel Marra Locality unveiled deterioration of  heath and educational services in the Locality.


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