Khartoum, Apr. 30 (SUNA) - The Executive Committee of the Sudanese Women's Union, today announced its support for the government's move to ratify the CEDAW Agreement, affirming rejection to any reservation on the articles of the agreement.

The statement issued today, by the SWU indicated that the ratification of international and regional charters and agreements in support of women's rights, especially the CEDAW and the African Protocol, has been the subject of maneuver and bargaining by all the successive previous governments of Sudan, pointing to the three articles that are the subject of reservation (2), (16) and (29/1) are considered the spirit of the convention and clarify the rights of women, and without them the agreement becomes a dead letter.

The union has appreciated the step, calling for the speedy enactment of laws the support it, denouncing reservations on any of its articles, and calling for various women's organizations to oppose them.

The statement pointed to the change and the glorious December revolution included in the statements of the Prime Minister about women's fairness and the need to represent them at all levels for what Sudanese women have made throughout their rich history of sacrifices and dedication.


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