Kass, May 1 (SUNA) – The commander of security at Kass and Shattaya Localities of the Rapid Support Forces, Lt. Col. Al-Nour Al-Duma, has accused circles, that he did name of instigating seditions and instability a in South Darfur State for the sake of achieving personal interests.

In a briefing to the media delegation of the centre, he said that these circles are spreading rumors among the returnees to their villages on the withdrawal of Rapid Support Forces from their areas so that chaos and looting shall prevail.

 Lt. Col. Al-Duma pointed out that he filed rreports against those working to spread rumors among the returnees, stating that security and stability were achieved in the villages of Shattaya and Kass thanks to the deployment of the Rapid Support Forces.

He said that his forces have crushed those who managed to use motorcycles to terrorize citizens and loot their properties.

He indicated that the unlicensed weapons and motorcycles were taken from all citizens, a matter that helped achieving security, ending the aggression and imposing the state’s prestige.

He referred to the displacement of around 20,000 citizens and looting of properties due to recent clashes between people.

He said that there are elements who distribute high military ranks at high prices to attract citizens to join the armed struggle movements after the signing of the peace agreement, indicating that these acts will have a negative impact on the security and safety of citizens.

 Lt. Col. Al-Nour called on the displaced persons to return to their home villages, stressing that his forces are committed to protecting them from any unruly persons until comprehensive security is achieved.

He called on the Forestry authorities to reactivate the law for protecting forests from illegal cutting of trees in South Darfur’s localities.


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