Kampala, May 1 (SUNA) – The Foreign Minister, Dr. Mariam Al-Saddiq Al-Mahdi, Saturday held consultations with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Uganda, Sam Kutesa, on the relations between the two countries in all fields, especially the economic and regional issues of mutual concern.

They also discussed a number of issues, top of which is the Nile water file, the developments in the negotiations on the Renaissance Dam, the borders between Sudan and Ethiopia, and the role of IGAD in the regional stability and the peace building.

Dr. Mariam stressed during the talks that the Sudan of December Revolution aspires to build balanced relations based on cooperation and common interests, and stressed that the situation in the region necessitates that the African leaders shall work to strengthen peace and support political stability, affirming that Sudan will spare no effort, within the framework of IGAD, to play a leading role in building sustainable peace.

She indicated that the transition experience in Sudan, the transitional partnership between the parties of the political declaration, the signing of the peace agreement in Juba, the involvement of the parties in the peace process and the desire and willingness to complete the peace constitute a momentum to overcome the challenges.

 She explained that Sudan made all concessions in order to find a solution that addresses the interests of the three countries on the Renaissance Dam issue.

On the objectives of her African tour, Dr. Mariam said that it emanates from Sudan’s keenness to inform the African countries about the fact of the negotiations on the issue of the Renaissance Dam and the support  to the track of reaching a legally binding agreement on the filling and operation of the dam for the interests of the three countries, before starting the second filling process and adoption of any unilateral steps by the Ethiopian side.

She stated that her African tour also aims to emphasize the fundamentals of the Sudanese position that calls for support to a serious and effective negotiation mechanism led by the African Union and gives a key role to experts and observers that will lead to reaching a binding agreement, indicating that the Ethiopian side is working to waste time by its intransigence in the negotiations and to impose the state of fait accompli.

The Ugandan Minister of Foreign Affairs expressed his hope that Sudan and Ethiopia will reach a solution to the problems of the Renaissance Dam and the borders by peaceful means, take into account common interests and to address the real concerns, stressing that his country will support the trend towards an amicable negotiated solution.

He said that negotiated solution must be for the interest of the three parties and without causing harm to any party, affirming the readiness of Uganda to help all parties to find a win-win solution.


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