Khartoum, April2 (SUNA) – The Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Dismantling of June30 Regime and the Restoration of the Public Funds, Mohammed Al-Fakki Suleiman has underlined that the committee will continue its work following the endorsement of Anti-Corruption Commission Act, referring to the compatibility of the committee's work with the commission.

Al- Fakki, in a press conference held , Sunday evening, at the premises of the committee, lauded the Cabinet and the TSC for renewing confidence on the committee, affirming the seriousness of the Transitional Government concerning the war against the corruption which, he said” destroyed a number of countries”.

Al-Fakki indicated that the committee is a political committee that works on the files of the sabotage policy carried out by the previous regime, affirming the committee’s commitment to realize the goals of December Revolution.

He said that the committee had recently took political actions according to documented information received by it on sabotage acts started in Darfur states, referring to the arrest of a number of leaders of the former regime.


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