Khartoum, May 4 (SUNA)- Minister of Irrigation and Water Resources Prof. Yasir Abbas met here today the visiting US Congress delegation, which is headed by Senator Christopher Coons, member of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and comprises Senator Chris Van Hollen.

The meeting, which was confined to discussion on the issue of the Renaissance Dam, was attended by members of the negotiating team of the Sudan.

The Minister presented at the meeting a thorough review to Sudan’s stances and options on the issue that has great effects on the national security of the Sudan and the lives of its citizens.

The Minister affirmed that the Renaissance Dam can be a nucleus for comprehensive regional cooperation for the benefit of all countries and peoples of the area through exchange of benefits, but this should be made through cooperation between the three countries on filling and operation of the dam on the basis of a binding agreement that requires presence of political will for reaching it and its implementation.

He added that Sudan is determined on continuation of the negotiations under the patronage of the African Union, with active participation and mediation from international partners to assist the three parties to reach agreement and become witnesses and guarantors of implementation.

The American side, on its part, expressed understanding to the stance of the Sudan which is committed to the rules of international law and norms of the international relations.

 The American delegation also affirmed their country’s readiness to play an effective role in the file and contributing to encouraging all parties to reach an agreement that addresses interests and concerns of all parties.

 Senator Coons pointed out that the United States of America is ready to extend support to Sudan in cooperation with US companies and research institutions to develop the Sudanese water resources and increasing productivity of crops.



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