Ottawa, June 3 (SUNA) - The Speaker of the Canadian House of Commons (Parliament), Antonio Rota, has met with ambassadors of the Arab League accredited to Canada, to discuss the parliamentary relations between Canada and the Arab countries and to hear Arab ambassadors regarding the latest developments in their countries.

At the outset of the meeting, Ambassador Jamal Abdalla Al-Sallal, the Chairman of the Group of Arab Ambassadors and Yemen's Ambassador to Ottawa, has welcomed the Speaker of the Canadian House of Commons, pointing to his aspiration to promote and strengthen relations between the Arab countries and Canada in all fields, and to strengthen parliamentary bonds and friendship with the Canadian Parliament.

The speakers from the Arab ambassadors have praised the speech of the Speaker of the Canadian House of Commons, and expressed their appreciation for Canada's position regarding the Middle East issue and the recent events in the Palestinian territories, including a heinous attack on the Holy Mosque and the unprecedented treacherous attack on the Gaza Strip.

Sudan ambassador to Canada, Tariq Abu Salih, spoke at the meeting expressing Sudan appreciation for the support that it continued to receive from Canada after the fall of the Salvation Regime, referring to the assistance provided by Canada to Sudan in confronting the Covid-19 pandemic, the latest of which was the estimated support for schools through the UNICEF educational project in eastern Sudan, funded by the Canadian government.

Ambassador Abu-Salih explained to the Speaker of the Canadian House of Commons that there is currently no parliament in Sudan because the country is going through a transitional period that leads to elections at the end of it to establish a sustainable democratic system. to be built in Sudan, indicating that it is expected that the Transitional Legislative Council will be formed soon.

He expressed his hope for cooperation between the Canadian House of Commons and the Transitional Legislative Council due to be established in Sudan.

Ambassador Abu-Salih has given a briefing on the latest situation in Sudan, pointing to the launch of direct official negotiations between the government of Sudan and the Sudan People's Liberation Movement-North led by Abdulaziz El-Hillu in Juba last week.

He assured that all parties are keen to achieve a peace agreement, and that everyone is optimistic that a lasting peace would be reached in the near future.

Regarding the issue of the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam project, Ambassador Tariq Abu-Salih affirmed that Sudan’s position on this issue is clear and that Sudan is keen on the African solution, indicating that the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Mariam Al-Saddiq Al-Mahdi, has just completed an African tour in the context of efforts to urge African leaders to influence the Ethiopian government to accept an agreement for the second filling that Ethiopia announced this June, indicating that Sudan found great solidarity and response from a number of African leaders regarding its position on the Renaissance dam.

Concerning the issue of the border between Sudan and Ethiopia. Ambassador Abu-Salih pointed out that this border is considered one of the clearest borders in the world and is protected by the recognized conventions of 1902 and 1903, signed by Ethiopia, pointing to Sudan efforts and its call for the Ethiopian side to respect the signed border treaties and agreements and the international law.

He stressed that the Sudanese Armed Forces did not cross the border into the Ethiopian lands and did not attack Ethiopia, but it was the one that attacked, and that what Sudan did was to deploy its forces only on its lands and to extend its sovereignty over it.

The Speaker of the Canadian House of Commons expressed his thanks to Ambassador Tariq Abu Saleh, and expressed his great pleasure over the positive developments in Sudan, expressing his hope that he Transitional Legislative Council in Sudan will be formed soon and his aspiration to cooperate with it after its formation.


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