Khartoum, June 10(SUNA)-Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, Dr Gibreil Ibrahim  announced   that  the Ministry would continue in adopting  theLiberalization policy until the Sudanese economy recovers  from distortions  which has long suffered from , stressing that citizens would  suffer from  those polices  and that  they would experience very painful operation.

 He said   it is no way but eradication of the disease in reference  to application  of the lLiberalization of the economy policy adopted by the Ministry to  remove  distortions  in the Sudanese economy which  , he added, would  take long  time.    

Dr Gibreil   said the subsidy policy  was one of the failed, erroneous and unfair policies  in  which citizens  will be unequal , affirming that  the ordinary people  would be the   first beneficiary  from removal of subsidies and that it  help in directing  the expenditure towards  the right tract  such as health, education and electricity  as well as combating smuggling  and decreasing  consumption.   

The Minister  said he was aware of sufferings of the people  and the state disability to   control the market prices hike but by these policies  the Ministry would  get control over the market  and  know the country’s real need for every commodity.

The Minister apologized  that his Ministry and Ministry of Trade  did not fully cover “My Commodity’ program, saying the Ministries of Finance and Trade are endeavoring to provide  commodities for people at cost price.



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