Khartoum, June 10 (SUNA) - The Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) today strongly denied what was circulated by some social media that Minister of Finance Dr. Gebriel Ibrahim Mohamed, the head of the movement, had stated that evacuating the family of Ali Osman Mohamed Taha from the house in which they resided was contrary to the morals of the Sudanese, terming it as fabricated news.

The movement affirmed that Dr. Gebriel Ibrahim Mohamed did not issue any statement to any party in this regard, nor did he ever commented on the eviction order, negatively or positively, pointing out that what was rumored about comments by its leader is completely unfounded and baseless and woven from imagination just like the lie of burning the car of the Minister of Finance in front of SUNA yesterday evening.

It added that such rumors aimed to distort the image of the movement and made it appear as if it supported the remnants of the former regime, in order to sow suspicion among the supporters of the movement.


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