Khartoum, June 10(SUNA)-Minister of Energy and Oil, Engineer Gadain Ali Ebaid, has underscored that citizens would not be subjected to blackmailing from the private  petroleum  distribution companies  and that the government-owned companies capable  to control  the petroleum   market and its distribution.

He said the government-owned  companies  possess 50% of the petroleum distribution market  and there would  be no chaos  in the petroleum products  prices .

Engineer Gadain  said in  the joint conference  with Ministers of Finance and Information Dr Gibreil Ibrahim and Hamza Baloal Al Amir to explain  the  oil subsidies removal  policies that the prices announced by the Ministry  depend on the international prices  and the rate of exchange while the other factors  are already agreed upon.

He said there would a monthly new  pricing  by the government-owned companies  and that the private  companies  would have no  capability to transcend the  prices  announced  by Ministry of the Energy.

The Minister said the prices announced  by the Ministry would be  very reasonable for the citizens so that they would not be subjected to any blackmailing   by the private  companies .

Gadain added  that the Importation of Strategic Commodities Fund would provide  hard  currencies necessary for  importing the fuels , describing as historic the removal of the fuel subsidies  and that it would have positive  effects  on agriculture and development  and that it would distance  brokers  and those who work to distort the Sudanese economy    

The Minister said Sudan is still  one of the five or six countries in the world  sell  petroleum at the lowest prices  and the there  is no Sudan’s neighboring country  sells  fuels at prices lower than in Sudan.



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