Atbara, June 10 (SUNA) – Wali (governor) of River Nile State Dr. Amna Ahmed Mohamed has affirmed that demands of the citizens of Al Ebaidiah town for which they staged a sit-in are legitimate, noting that they are related to provision of basic services at the area and social responsibility of mining activities.

Dr. Amna, addressing the protesting citizens at Al Ebaidiah town yesterday, affirmed that the right of peaceful expression of demands is guaranteed, noting that it is one of the fruits of the glorious December Revolution.

The governor added that the government should extend basic services to the citizens, reflecting her government’s vision on implementation of the projects of social responsibility, calling for increasing the share of River Nile State from revenues of mining activities.

She affirmed commitment of the government of the state to implementation of all demands of the citizens.

On his part, member of the Resistance Committee of Al Ebaidiah town Al-Farouq Abbashar explained that they had staged their sit-in since last Saturday, calling for addressing problems resulting from native mining activities in the area, affirming their support to the transitional government as represented in Governor Dr. Amna.

At the conclusion of the meeting, all parties reached agreement on implementation of all demands of the protesting citizens, leading to lifting of the sit-in protest that had lasted for four days.


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