Brussels, June 21 (SUNA) - the European envoy to Ethiopia and Sudan, Beka Havistan, has stressed the importance of reaching an agreement between the Sudan, Ethiopia and Egypt on the issue of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam before Ethiopia starts the second filling in the current summer season, even if this agreement is transitional..

In a press statement in Brussels, the European Union envoy said that the European Union believes in its ability, along with the African Union, to help the three countries, Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan, to reach a solution for the issue between them now.

He pointed out that the Ethiopians are planning to start the second filling this summer, but it is important to reach at least an agreement and a transitional agreement on the second filling, as there is a need to provide information from Ethiopia and an agreement between the three countries on the technical and practical aspects of operating the dam, stating that the European Union can play a positive role and assist at the political and technical levels to reach an agreement.

The envoy indicated that there is a lack of technical information; therefore Sudan is concerned that the flow of water may lead to the destruction of infrastructures, a matter which prompts Sudan to demand guarantees that the filling will be safe.



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