Gedarif July 2(SUNA)-  With reference to provisions of article18(1) of Code of  criminal procedure  for the  year  1991 read with article (31) of Public prosecution Law  for the  year 2017 amendment 2020  and article (15) of June30  1989 regime dismantling  law  and removal of empowerment for  the year 2019 amendment 2020  the Attorney General issued the order of establishing removal of empowerment and restoration of Public funds in Gedarif state.

The prosecution has jurisdiction over verifying, investigating, supervising investigations, represents prosecution in crimes and violations related to the dismantling law of Jun30 1998 regime for the year2019 amendment 2020.

With reference to this order the prosecution performs all power of the prosecution stated in code of criminal procedure for the year 1991 and public prosecution law for the year 2017 and any relevance law.


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