Khartoum, July 5 (SUNA) – The Foreign Minister Undersecretary, Ambassador, Mohammed Sheri ef, on Monday, briefed the Arab diplomats accredited to Khartoum on Sudan “unshakeable” position towards the Renaissance Dam which based on the importance of reaching legal binding agreement for all the parties concerning the filling and operation of the dam.

He stressed that Sudan recognizes Ethiopia's right to development provided it adheres to the international law for the use of trans- boundary waters, which is based on the commitment to the equitable use of water without causing any harm to the downstream countries, as well as Sudan's commitment to negotiations under the auspices of the African Union while strengthening the role of observers from the international community.

“Sudan’s request for holding emergency session for the Security Council aims at strengthening the role of the international community to urge the three parties to reach an agreement within a fixed time not exceeding six months, taking into account what was previously agreed upon.

The Undersecretary, also briefed the ambassadors on the overall political situations in t6he country, the recent initiative of D. Hamdouk to make a success the Transitional period, the unifying of the internal front and other related issues.

The ambassadors thanked the FM Undersecretary for briefing the diplomats on these important issues.


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