El-Genaina, July 28(SUNA)-Wali(governor) of West Darfur State, General  Khamis Abdalla Abbakar said that the issue of the peaceful co-existence  was one of the goals of  the Juba Peace  deal.

 This came while the Wali  was addressing Wednesday   the opening sitting of the Peaceful Co-existence Promotion Forum which was organized by the Justice, Truth  and Reconciliation Commission(JTRC).  

The Wali announced adoption  to all initiatives that  promote the communal peaceful  co-existence  for silencing  the gun and maintain security and stability  in the State , calling the participants to implement  the outcome of the workshop through convocation of similar workshops  at IDPs camps , villages and markets .

He called leaders  of the native administration  and the civil society organizations  and parties to  the peace process  to fully bear their responsibilities   towards  peace and stability  in the area  and to work  for addressing the humanitarian situation in the State.

 The Wali of  West Darfur attributed  failure of the tribal reconciliations   during the previous regimes  to lack of political will , rule of law  , engagement of  communities  with  political conflicts and disrespect of  others.   

The JTRC Secretary-General, Mansour Abbakar Nayer  pointed out that one of the goals of the commission is to  assess  the root causes of the conflict in Darfur  through holding forums  to come out with recommendations  that would be presented to government of the State  to take decisions  that support  the peaceful co-existence  by finding radical solutions to  the problems.

Representative of the Native administration in the  West Darfur State, Yahya Bolad, underlined importance of  convocation of forums  to achieve reconciliations  and to live in peace , security tranquility.

It is to be noted that the forum  discussed two working papers, one about rule of law and co-existence promotion   and the other paper tackled  the role of the native administration  in promotion of peaceful co-existence  and that  representatives of international and local organizations, parties to peace process  and civil   society organizations took part in the forum.


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