Khartoum, Aug.1 (SUNA)-The revenue of the Blue Nile River today at Al-Dim station on the Sudanese-Ethiopian border reached 573 million cubic meters and it expected to top 600 million cubic meters during the three coming days, the  Flood Committee reported, today, Sunday. 

 The committee daily report added that Nhar Ababa water level s expected to reach 385 million cubic meters at Sudanese – Ethiopian borders.     

On downstream the committee estimated the Sudanese dams discharging rate today as follows: Rosseris 586 million cubic meters: Sinnar 548 million cubic meters: Jebel Awlia 78 million cubic meters; Khashm-Algirba 385 and Merowe is 560 million cubic meters.

 In Khartoum the level of waterof Blue Nile registered today 16.50 meters, only half a meter less than the level of the River flooding point.


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