Khartoum, Aug.  6  (SUNA) – The Minister of Energy and Oil, Engineer Jaden Ali Obeid, revealed that consultations are taking place between Sudan and Ethiopia to purchase 1,000 megawatts of electricity.

Engineer Jaden noted to  (SUNA) that experts from the Ethiopian Electricity Authority visited Khartoum last month to conduct the necessary study on the construction of an electric power line, and that experts  from Sudan will visit Ethiopia soon to resume talks in this regard.

He pointed out that this work is part of the planned network with the countries of the Horn of Africa, indicating that the networking with the neighboring African countries is part of the state's strategy, and is supported by the financing decided by the World Bank for Sudan.

He indicated that Sudan's electricity supply from Egypt and Ethiopia has been and still going on , and that the electricity supply from Ethiopia is now about 200 megawatts, which is an essential part of the daily supply and represents about 10% of it.

It is worth noting that Ethiopia announced yesterday, Thursday, through the Ethiopian News Agency, the desire of a number of countries, including Sudan and South Sudan, for the purchase of its electricity.


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