Al-Foula, Aug. 9 (SUNA) – Member of the Transitional Sovereignty Council and head of the federal government delegation for West Kordofan State, Prof. Siddiq Tawer, pointed out that the government will take decisive measures to reduce security breaches and tribal disputes.

Addressing leaders of the native administration societal personalities and revolutionary figures in Al-Nuhud city, Prof. Tawer explained that his visit is aimed to hear all parties and then take important decisions conducive to establishing sustainable peace and stability, adding that the delegation did not come to hold one party accountable without the other.

The federal delegation led by Professor Tower, which arrived in West Kordofan on Sunday, included the acting Attorney General, Mubarak Mahmoud Osman, the Minister of Interior, Gen. (police) Izz-Eddin Al-Sheikh, the Minister of Federal Government, Buthaina Ibrahim Dinar, the Minister of Industry, Ibrahim Al-Sheikh, and the Minister of Religious Affairs and Endowments Nasreddin Mufreh, in addition to representatives of the Armed Forces and the General Intelligence Service and the Rapid Support Service.

The Minister of Interior, Gen. (police) Izz-Eddin Al-Sheikh, has called for resort to wisdom in managing problems, taking sound decisions for the peaceful coexistence and elevating the supreme national interest.

Meanwhile, the emir of Dar Hamar tribes, Abdul-Gadir Muniem Mansour said that there are no problems with the Messairiya Zuruq, affirming the acceptance and satisfaction with the results of the demarcation of the border between the two parties.

He asserted the readiness for reconciliation with the Misseriya Zuruq tribe and the commitment to the mandate given to the Red Messairiya to address the issue.


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