Khartoum, Aug. 17 (SUNA) - Minister of Industry Ibrahim Al-Sheikh has issued a decision forming the Sugar Council to be responsible for organizing the sugar industry in Sudan, setting policies and directives, and supervising the activities related to the sugar sector and the by-products resulting from sugar industry in coordination with the relevant administrative authorities.

The decision stipulated the council’s tasks and powers, which are to upgrade sugar industry in Sudan, modernize it, raise the level of its workers in technical aspects, develop their capabilities and skills, set up a plan to absorb the energies of youth and women in the sector and consolidate concepts and norms of production and trade in sugar and additional products.

Among the tasks is the adoption and support of plans and policies that contribute to development of the farm system, modernization of sugar cane species and irrigation methods to increase productivity and the development of policies that ensure cooperation, knowledge exchange and free competition between sugar companies in an open economy climate, in addition to supporting ties between sugar companies and between specialized institutions in production and marketing of sugar abroad.

The decision stipulated formation of the council under the chairpersonship of the Minister of Industry with the CEO of Kenana Sugar Company as an alternate chairperson and other members.


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