Khartoum, Aug.22(SUNA)-The Wali of Khartoum Sttae, Ayman Khalid has issued a decree by which shooting  gunfire  at social  ceremonies  in Khartoum State either  the weapon is licensed or not.

 According to the decree, violation  of the order subjected  the civilians who shoots gunfire at the wedding a ceremonies  to imprisonment  for term not less than six months  and  exceeding two years or by  FINE OF 100,000 pound or with the two penalties along with confiscation  of the gunfire   

The decree stated that according to tweet at the State official website Saturday evening that the violation of the order  subjected  persons affiliated  to regular forces  who shoot gunfire at the wedding ceremonies  for imprisonment not less than a year  and not exce     eding five years  or with fine of 150,000pound or with the two penalties and tahtthe gun should be handed over to the concerned military unit.


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